Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate

Kanins supplies our own branded material - you know the source and trust the safety of the product.

Solomon’s Copper Sulphate

  • Kanins International has a unique partnership with Solomon’s Copper Australia and is the exclusive distributor and agent for the product.
  • Solomon's copper sulphate is reputed to be the highest quality and is used globally by the major feed mills.
  • Solomon's copper sulphate is produced via the heap leach process, where copper oxide ore is leached via sulphuric acid to produce a metallic sulphate solution. We then solvent extract the solution, giving very pure copper sulphate. Solomon's copper sulphate contains no Dioxin or PCB. Our unique crystallisation technology gives a free flowing crystal with no added free flow agent.

Kanamia Copper Sulphate

  • Kanins International has teamed up with Taiwan to create a premium grade copper sulphate.
  • Kanins is the exclusive distributor for this product and its currently being used throughout Asia and Europe in feed and fertiliser applications.
  • Kanamia product was JV developed to be a dry free flowing product with very low heavy metals, dioxin & PCB free. The process involves converting copper chloride solution to copper sulphate and all product also undergoes solvent extraction to ensure no heavy metal contamination.

Other Metallic Sulphates

  • Kanins sources other metallic sulphates such as Zinc, Manganese, Ferrous and Magnesium sulphate through our affiliate company Boric Chemicals in Hong Kong.
  • We use the same reputable factories and have each batch independently tested to ensure the tight specification is adhered to. We have our own employees observing production and packaging and sampling product for independent batch testing.