Kanins International has taken a long term view on ethical sourcing and support practices to continually improve quality for the industry. We are a founding member of the FIAAA (Feed Ingredients & Additives Assoc of Australia), which has a mandate to regulate the additive and ingredient market within Australia. Kanins will supply and facilitate the following:

  • Independently tested COA from each batch via internationally recognized laboratories such as SGS.
  • Auditing of our manufacture facilities. We intimately know the processes and ensure we know the source of product raw materials. These processes avoid the risk of dioxin and heavy metal contamination.
  • A Quality Management System that ensures product stewardship from sourcing of raw materials, through manufacturing, packaging & transport to your door.
  • OHS & E management from our manufacturers, our employees, our logistics providers to our customers and the end users. Our manuals and safety data sheets can be accessed through customer log in.